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2017 - Sermons

01-01-2017-AM -- ONE WORD, Words -- Listen . . . Words (David Shannon)
01-01-2017-PM -- ONE WORD, Words -- Words about THE WORD from The Word (David Shannon)
01-08-2017-AM -- ONE WORD, Creation -- Every House is Built by Someone - Part 1 of 2 (David Shannon)
01-08-2017-PM -- ONE WORD, Creation -- Every House is Built by Someone - Part 2 of 2 (David Shannon)
01-15-2017-AM -- ONE WORD, Sin -- A Destructive Choice (David Shannon)
01-15-2017-PM -- ONE WORD, Sin -- Wrath, A Response to Sin (David Shannon)
01-22-2017-AM -- ONE WORD, Sanctity of Life -- Protecting and Nourishing Life (David Shannon)
01-22-2017-PM -- ONE WORD, Sanctity of Life -- A Family Changing Lives (David Shannon)
01-29-2017-AM-- ONE WORD, Wrath and Grace -- Appreciate God’s Grace by Understanding God’s Wrath (David Shannon)
01-29-2017-PM -- 5th Sunday Singing -- Devotional (Mitch Poskevich)
02-05-2017-AM -- ONE WORD, Mercy -- The Triumph of Mercy (David Shannon)
02-05-2017-PM -- ONE WORD, Mercy -- Integrity tempered by Fire (David Shannon)
02-12-2017-AM Early -- Missions Sunday (Jeff Trotter)
02-12-2017-AM Late -- Missions Sunday (Brett Pharr)
02-12-2017-PM -- Missions Sunday (Williams, Batts, Nordstrom)
02-19-2017-AM -- ONE WORD -- What Does The MIND Have To Do With Love And Forgiveness (David Shannon)
02-19-2017-PM -- ONE WORD -- Overcoming The Temptation of Adultery (David Shannon)
02-26-2017-AM -- ONE WORD, Kindness -- KINDNESS is So Positively Powerful Let's Do It (David Shannon)
02-26-2017-PM -- ONE WORD, Kindness -- How Should a Christian Respond to Transgender Controversies (David Shannon)